Consider Buying a Mountain E-Bike in San Jose, CA for Great Adventures

Levo Comp Alloy in San Jose, CA

Have you ever wondered if riding an e-bike would be a great way to blaze mountain trails? Would it be better than tackling the dusty, windy trails on a traditional bike? Is it a reliable mode of transportation on uneven terrain? Let’s take a look at mountain e-bikes and how they can change the way you take on those challenging mountain trails.

Mountain E-Bikes to Consider

The first step in deciding if a mountain e-bike is right for you is to research the bikes themselves. If you live in the San Jose, CA, area, San Jose Motosport is a great place to learn about these electric trail demons. We carry a full line of Specialized Turbo mountain e-bikes in San Jose. Each e-bike has its own set of special features to fit each rider’s skill level and requirements.

Let’s start with the Levo Expert Carbon. This powerful and responsive mountain e-bike has a Turbo Full Power 2.1 motor that adds a whopping 410% to your pedaling power. The M2 batteries boost the bike’s electric range by 40%, giving you up to five hours of time on the trail. This is a lightweight bike due to its advanced carbon front triangle. It has a nice low center of gravity and can confidently take on steep climbs and descents.

Moving on, we have the Levo Comp Alloy. This e-bike delivers incredible power and riding range. The Turbo Full Power 2.2 motor and Turbo Connect Unit deliver an unbelievably seamless amount of control. This e-bike goes farther and faster up and down the trails so that you can explore more. The optimized chassis and suspension provide a natural, stable ride. This e-bike is available in six sizes – one will fit your riding style. The smaller sizes are more adept. The larger sizes are more stable.

Another great e-bike is the Levo Comp 29. This is a progressive trail e-bike. It’s got short chainstays, a longer reach, and a low center of gravity. The seat angle is steeper for better climbing efficiency, and the head angle has been slackened for better descents. The 700Wh M2 batteries give you more miles per adventure, so take longer trails. The Comp 29’s motor is, by far, the most powerful, the smoothest motor you’ll find on the market today.

Your Local E-Bike Dealer Has Them All

If you are inspired to check out e-bikes and their incredible abilities, stop by your Authorized Specialized Turbo electric bicycle dealer, San Jose Motosport. We carry a vast inventory of e-bikes near Santa Clara, CA, including the Specialized Levo line, Kenevo e-bikes, Vado, Tero, and Como e-bikes. We also carry replacement parts and optional equipment to spruce up your bike. Come on by and check out these incredible e-bikes. Let your adventures begin!